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We offer complete Auto Care

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Collision Repair from start to finish!

Bring your car or truck to Unique Body Shop in Grandville, Michigan, a full-service auto body repair shop.

We provide towing and auto maintenance such as collision repair, dent removal, rust removal, and custom paint jobs. Whether you drive a 2-door coup or a semi-truck, we can repair and repaint your vehicle. We can even accommodate classic car exterior projects.


Call us today 616-534-0951 or visit our location for more information.

Don't let your insurance company steer you to other shops. We guarantee quality service with a lifetime warranty backing all of our workmanship.

Complete car body restoration and repair:

Detailed processing from start to finish:

  • The vehicle is disassembled, and the parts are inspected and stored.

  • The vehicle frame is inspected on our frame rack for proper body panel fit.

  • We cautiously remove the vehicle’s old paint manually or with our media blaster to avoid causing any sort of damage.

  • The vehicle is etched primed to protect the bare steel.

  • Rust is repaired and dents are removed from the body if needed.

  • Floors are repaired or replaced as needed.

  • The vehicle is primed and then finished.

  • All panels are test fitted and adjusted.

** All vehicles are inspected thoroughly by our qualified technicians. 

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auto body repair near me
auto body repair near me
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